Presentation at “HR in figures” (22.09.2017)


On the 22nd of September 2017 in terms of the conference “HR in figures” our company along with Inventive Retail Group presented the case on the first results of ZOZO RCAM system application in the retail network of IRG company: “Time is money. How to calculate optimum manpower loading and staff work schedules?”

Mikhail Engelgardt (ABC Solutions) told the audience about the trends emerging on retail market: which role proper workforce planning plays for retail business and how it is related to revenue, wage fund and service quality. Today, sound approach to staff disposition may become competitive advantage for a trade company. Moreover, participants discussed why there is a void and lack of trust from trade networks on the market for the workforce management automation (WFM, WorkForce Management), primarily on the retail market.

Natalia Dudina (Inventive Retail Group) talked about the business end of the project. Particularly preconditions for such a solution were discussed, which could help to increase service level and profitability in network outlets and to optimize number of staff at the same time. Important part of the presentation described the goals that business set for the project team and the results that were achieved by means of the new approach in the first months.

For instance, sales increased by 2% in the outlet where this solution has been implemented compared to other outlets of the same network.

We express gratitude to our partners for readiness to support and to the conference organizers represented by Yana Chubarova (People and Communications) for the suggestion to present our story.

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