ZOZO implements profitability and service level management system in Inventive Retail Group


ZOZO start-up specializes in workforce planning automation systems. The company has completed the first stage of ZOZO RCAM system implementation for Inventive Retail Group.

Mikhail Engelgardt, CEO, ABC Solutions comments:

“Today, sound approach to staff disposition may become competitive advantage for a trade company. Service quality depends on the proper personnel management in an outlet directly. It’s very important to have enough staff during peak hours, and when the traffic goes down staff should not turn into “zombies” that go around the trading floor, eating away both the wage fund and their time”.

Tikhon Smykov, CEO, Inventive Retail Group:

“The project aimed at increasing sales and conversion in outlets subject to retaining current staff by means of optimal workforce employment. As of now we managed to increase sales by 2% in the outlet where this solution has been implemented compared to other outlets of the same network. The group of companies considers implementation of the system to be very promising”.

Promising direction that ZOZO is ready to take on – is a solution which would enable a company to increase level of service and profitability in network outlets and to optimize number of staff at the same time.

ZOZO was established less than a year ago, but it has already implemented successful pilot projects on ZOZO RCAM application in such companies as “MTS retail”, “VimpelCom”, “VTB24”. The system is being replicated according to the results of specific projects.

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