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Develop your business together with ABC Solutions and ZOZO RCAM partnership programs

We develop our business through our partnership network and build long-term mutually beneficial relations with partners. We think that such approach may quickly lead to reaching the best results from the synergy of your expertise with our unique technologies of profitability optimization, service level and workforce management.

This consolidation of opportunities enables our clients to get exclusive technologies, knowledge and leading software for efficient execution of business tasks related to workforce.

ZOZO RCAM partners become continuation of our business, represent our ideas, decisions, company name and thus are selected carefully. We find it important that our partners had huge expertise in HR practice, could react to tasks and requirements set by the client proactively, recognized business development capabilities adequately.

As of now together with our partners we can offer not only profitability management and workforce planning system, but also gamification solutions, comprehensive talent management solutions as well as advanced personnel and business analytics platform.

Main partnership opportunities:

Regional partners

Are you familiar with the peculiarities of the local market?

We are searching for partners that could widen the geography for the solution on regional markets efficiently.


Are you an expert in your market segment?

We are ready to offer our partners ZOZO RCAM license selling program, as well as selling of our consulting services.

Technology partners

Have you created your own cool solution?

We are ready to consider partnership opportunity with the companies that offer their unique software in related fields.

System integrators

Are you in complex automation of business?

We may offer an interesting and efficient product for solving specific task of profitability increase in the business with the large number of front office staff.

Our partners

Leading Russian
and CIS multifield group of
Talent management technologies. Leader in SuccessFactor implementation in Russia.
HR and business analytics. Visualization systems for management decision-making.
Automation of
АВАР-development control manager's work place.
One of the leaders
in HR consulting
in Russia. Reliable and modern solutions.

Become a partner

If you are ready to discuss partnership programs, please give the following information

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